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It is great to be back in the outdo...

We had great day with the new St. Johns Grade 8 learners at Cumberland Nature Reserve!! What a way to learn to know each other, to break down barriers of distance between people, to build some positive team spirit and to help them to fast – track the integration of new learners in the St. […]

COVID-19 update

Even with masks on and social distancing our programs are still a lot of fun!

Although we were also non-operational during the COVID-19 lockdown period, we are now fully functional again. The necessary COVID-19 safety protocols are in place in all our programs to ensure the safety of our clients.

Life Hospital (Hilton) Team Buildin...

What a dynamic team! Some fun moments of our team building process to take this team to a new level in team work. With a wide variety of Team Building programs, presented either at our home at Cumberland Nature Reserve or ANYWHERE in KZN be sure to make your booking today. To see some of […]