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Some of the other groups that can benefit from our services include:
  • Church youth camps
  • Outreach programs
  • Adventure camps
  • Youth development programs/ camps
  • Adventure Birthdays
  • Holiday camps for kids
  • Nature club camps and programs
Church Groups

Outdoor Educators is a business with a Christian ethos.

We believe in the strengthening, discovery and living out of Christian values and principles through the practical activities and medium that we use.

Some of the programs/ activities that will be suitable for churches:

  • Know – each – other and Ice – breaker sessions
  • Team building day for members of your church
  • An Amazing Race in the surrounding area with a Biblical theme
  • A “Survivor” adventure camp / day full of spiritual values
  • A church youth day in the outdoors combined with a few adventures
  • A family day (activities can be adjusted to needs and age of participants)
  • A family Amazing Race
  • Dads – lads/ Mom – girls programs (half-day, one -day and weekend programs/ camps)
  • Leadership development from a Biblical perspective
  • Team Building programs (from a one – day Team Building experience to a more comprehensive Team Building program (from one – three/ four days), again from a Biblical perspective)
  • A skills development program for leaders (The setting of goals, effective communication, creative problem solving, positive self – motivation, trust)


Outdoor Educators offers adventure birthday programs at the venue of your choice or at one of our suggested venues.
  • The focus is on having fun and participating in some exciting adventures offering parents a fresh and positive way of celebrating a birthday of their boy/ girl with their friends..
  • The activities that we suggest, will be suitable for the specific age group
  • The birthday group can do an Adventure Treasure Hunt where they hunt rewards by successfully conquering adventures on the menu (activities can be selected beforehand)
  • We can provide refreshments and the birthday cake or you can bring your own refreshments for the day.
What an exciting way to celebrate your special day!

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